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In this website you will find all sorts of creative and academic projects that link literature to the digital world.

The use of information technology in humanistic research is nowadays increasingly important and is presented as an actual, urgent and crucial debate for scientific innovation. In fact, every year there is a growth in the number of specialists and researchers who decide to engage in the use of digital tools for their linguistic, literary, historical and geographical research.

App Screens

Creative teamwork

Take a look at various small and larger projects that were made in teamwork or on an individual basis.


These are interdisciplinary projects where academics collaborate with artists, computer scientists with PhD's in the Humanities or students with their teachers.

Making Posters

About this website

This website is the result of a specific  need. A need to group various experiences revolving around literature and literary practices in relation to "other media".


This website arises in the first place to keep track of (past and present) academic research and educational projects. On the other hand, this website wants to offer a platform to like-minded people to share experiences and generate new ideas, which in turn lead to new experiments, collaborations and projects.


Digital output

With the plurality of digital work forms, ever-increasing possibilities of output and communication arise.

The possibilities seem endless. And at first it is quite exciting to work with different tools to generate innovative output. Nonetheless, a number of questions arise as well: what are the costs for storage and hosting of websites, databases and utilities? do we have sufficient know-how about certain tools and programs? What about copyright and GDPR?

All of these questions seem to make it difficult to digitize research and educational projects.

Working Coffee
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