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Writing Letters

Literary Archives - digital projects

Project Anthologies (Funded by FWO - Vlaanderen, and KU Leuven)

People: Carmen Van den Bergh

This project dedicated to literary anthologies aims to collect published studies and those still in progress, opening  the debate from an international perspective to an exchange of ideas between experts in the field and young researchers. Here you will find abstracts and fulltext articles, interviews and an archive where various types of "anthological genres" are organised. In addition to the study of the anthology as a genre, this website also intends to offer an original contribution to the debate on literary historiography, and the various attempts to rethink the combination of literature and history in a broader framework.


Letteratura e giornalismo

People: Students BA3 and MA
supervised by Carmen Van den Bergh, in collaboration with Katia Pansa


In questa pagina si vogliono mettete in luce gli autori del Novecento che hanno lavorato come giornalisti, elzeviristi, gazzettisti, ecc. E si vuole offrire una panoramica degli studi pubblicati e di quelli in corso che trattano questo tema. Le schede per ogni autori sono state curate dagli studenti d'italianistica dell'università di Leiden (nei Paesi Bassi). 

L-SEVIR : Literary Segments to Visualize Italian Realism
(Funded by LUCDH, Leiden University)

People: Annelotte Franke and Carmen Van den Bergh


This project aims to be a first step towards redefining the concept of "realism" in the panorama of Italian literature of the first half of the Twentieth Century (1900-1950) based on the study of a very peculiar genre, the "Elzeviro". This is a hybrid literary segment that can be compared with  journalistic essays on the one hand, and with literary short stories on the other. These segments were mainly published in newspapers as editorials of the cultural page and have, therefore, have been under-studied by literary scholars. For these reasons one can speak of a neglected genre, or also “cinderella-genre”. (Ansary & Esmat Babaii 2005).

Stemmen van het volk: Italiaanse lezersbrieven in kaart gebracht 
(Funded by DANS-KNAW, Leiden University) - Literary Studies / Digital Humanities


People: Students BA3 and MA
supervised by Sanne Muurling and Carmen Van den Bergh, 

in collaboration with Katia Pansa

Het project “Stemmen van het volk: Italiaanse lezersbrieven in kaart gebracht” werd onlangs gehonoreerd met een KDP-subsidie t.w.v. 10 000 euro door het DANS-KNAW van Den Haag.

Het project heeft als doel een dataset op te zetten waarbij honderden onuitgegeven lezersbrieven uit de jaren 1950 worden ontsloten. In totaal kende het DANS 10 subsidies toe aan dataprojecten uit diverse disciplines, verspreid over alle Nederlandse universiteiten. Het project “stemmen van het volk” werd gekozen als enige project op het snijpunt tussen de literatuurwetenschappen en Digital Humanities.


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